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The basic workings of the rangefinder are very different from the GPS for golf. However, the functions are the same.

GPS for golf units have been around for well over 10 years now. When they first started to gain popularity amongst golfers, golf courses were charging a small fee for one to use them. Both the laser rangefinder and the GPS units come with plenty of benefits to the golfer.  Deciding which one of the two is more preferable requires a keen analysis of these merits as well as the few drawbacks.  Let’s consider them below.


The average starting price for a good quality golf GPS watch starts at $200. However, in order to use it effectively, you will need to sync it with a mobile app. To get more information, you will have to subscribe to an annual fee.

On the other hand, range finders will start at $300. However, you will not have to take out any annual subscriptions and you do not need a mobile app in order to use it effectively.

Ease of Operation

If what you are mainly concerned about is the distance on the golf course, golf GPS units are quite simple to use. Simply go to the menu, select settings and pick the golf course you are on. The golf GPS watch will move as you advance from hole to hole.

If you are using a laser rangefinder however, you will need a bit of practice to be able to use it like a pro. You have to aim and point the range finder in order to get the correct distance measurements.


GPS for golf only offer distance within a few yards. While golfers simply need to know the center of the course as long as they know the position of the pins.

Laser rangefinders are super accurate often offering millimeters in precision. This however depends on how well you focus on the target.

Final Verdict

GPS for golf units are very simple to use and operate. They however cannot rival the precision measuring provided by the laser rangefinders. This explains why professional players will prefer using the rangefinder.

GPS units have a few benefits that surpass those of the range finders. In case of a blind spot they can clearly indicate the distance to the middle of the golf course. This is not possible with the range finders.

Charge is another factor to consider. The range finders do not need to recharge and can be relied upon to last you for as long as you are on the course. The same cannot be said about GPS for golf units which run on battery power.  So, be sure to check out the GPS golf watch reviews resource.


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Golf Ball Selection Is Key

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There are various different kinds of clubs and lengths and perhaps even right and left handed golf clubs. These clubs have become collectible because of their impacts on the game. The clubs are created in China. It is necessary to get the suitable sort of club so you can play the optimal/optimally game possible. You’ve got a club for every single potential situation.

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